What is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

What is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have a list of tuples, each representing a date and an an associated value for that day. For example. I need to calculate the difference in value between each day, and return a similar list of tuples each with a date and value 0 if the value is the same or has decreased, or the difference if it has increased.

Simple is better than complex. Readability counts. You could do this in one line, but I think splitting this out makes it easier to read. This is the one-liner:. For the next items it will compare the difference i with i-1 and use it only if it is higher than zero, through the max function. Learn more. Difference between two values in a list of tuples Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 7 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 2k times. Any suggestions? Chained ternary operations are very hard to read and understand.

Active Oldest Votes. This first revision is an attempt to make the logic specification clear. Marcin Marcin Marcin Roman Pekar Roman Pekar 87k 25 25 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Here you go. Giwrgos Tsopanoglou Giwrgos Tsopanoglou 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Saullo G. Castro Saullo G. Castro 46k 20 20 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Note OP asked for list of tuples, this is a list of lists.

what is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

Marcin added more description! Thank you for the feedback! Castro Aug 13 '13 at SaulloCastro The code itself is cryptic. Imagine coming across this in a module written by someone else - you'd want to pull a pencil out and create a diagram, or translate to an explicit loop.

what is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

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Python | Difference Between List and Tuple

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Podcast Ben answers his first question on Stack Overflow.Python Tuple is used for defining and storing a set of values by usingwhich is the curly parenthesis.

On the other hand, List is used for defining and storing a set of values by using the square brackets represented as [].

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When comparing the built-in functions for Python Tuple and the list, Python Tuple has lesser pre-defined built-in functions than the lists. A few of the advantages of lists against the Python Tuple are that the list can be defined for variable lengths and can be copied from one destination to another, but Python Tuple can have only fixed lengths and cannot be copied. Here, we have used a tuple to return the value from the function, and hence while printing the value, we cannot modify it.

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Python list is defined by square brackets. Its functionality is similar to how an array works in other languages. Lists have supplementary builtin function when compared to tuples. Lists and tuples have in common the index and count methods, but other than these, lists have many functions that apply only specifically to lists like appendremoveclearsortreverseetc. We can use the inbuilt function dir [object] to find out all the functions associated with lists and tuples.

The output for such a command would be as follows:. Tuple operations have a smaller size than that of list operations. This makes the operations faster when there is an enormous number of elements. Let us see an example to calculate the size of the list and tuple elements. Initially, it may seem like lists will always be able to replace tuples, but this is not the case.

We can understand this due to the following reasons:. Tuples can also be used as keys in dictionaries because of their hashtable and immutable nature. We use a tuple when we know what information is to be given and we need to save the values from being modified, like when we need to store credentials for a website. Tuples are also used as keys for a dictionary because only immutable values can be hashed.

Hence, we cannot use a list in such cases. If we still want to use a list as a key, we need to first convert the list into a tuple. And the other hand, we can use a list, when we want to modify the values given within the collection, and also when we do not know whether our collection size is fixed. Available Operations Built-in functions in list are more compared to those in tuple, e.

Tuple has fewer built-in functions. Size Comparison List operations are bigger in size when compared to tuple operations. Tuple operations are smaller in size, which makes it faster with many elements.

Tuples have fixed lengths. We cannot change the size of an existing tuple. Duplicity Lists can be copied Tuples cannot be copied. So now that we have understood the differences between python tuples and lists, it will be easier for us to decide which of the two should be used and where. Therefore, we can conclude that although both lists and tuples are important data structures in Python, there are notable differences among them, with the major difference being that lists are mutable whereas tuples are not.

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Call Our Course Advisors.Lists and Tuples store one or more objects or values in a specific order. The objects stored in a list or tuple can be of any type including the nothing type defined by the None Keyword. Lists and Tuples are similar in most context but there are some differences which we are going to find in this article. Syntax of list and tuple is slightly different. Lists are surrounded by square brackets [] and Tuples are surrounded by parenthesis.

The list is surrounded by brackets []. The tuple is surrounded by parenthesis. List has mutable nature i. We can't modify the tuple due to its immutable nature. Lists has more builtin function than that of tuple.

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We can clearly see that, there are so many additional functionalities associated with a list over a tuple. We can do insert and pop operation, removing and sorting elements in the list with inbuilt functions which is not available in Tuple. Tuples operation has smaller size than that of list, which makes it a bit faster but not that much to mention about until you have a huge number of elements.

At first sight, it might seem that lists can always replace tuples.

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But tuples are extremely useful data structures. Course Index Explore Programiz. Python if Statement. Python Lists. Dictionaries in Python. Popular Examples Add two numbers. Check prime number.List and Tuple in Python are the class of data structure. The prior difference between them is that a list is dynamic, whereas tuple has static characteristics. There are the composite data types which can be used as an array of data in which elements exist in some specific intrinsic ordering, which helps in retrieval of the data.

These lists and tuples can hold multiple values, which simplifies the program writing and manages large amounts of data.

The lists and tuples are a sequence which are the most fundamental data structure in Python. A sequence contains elements where each element allotted a value, i. However, there are 8 types of sequence in Python, but here we are just considering two types — list and tuple.

Basis for comparison List Tuple Nature Mutable Immutable Implication of iterations Time-consuming Fast Suitable for Insertion and deletion operations Retrieval of the elements Key for the dictionary Not possible Possible, when only immutable elements are stored.

In Python, List is a heterogeneous sequence of objects which are mutable in nature. A mutable data type, what does it means? It means one can change the items of a list without creating a new list. A list can hold elements of a variety of data types like numbers, strings, tuples, other lists, functions and classes too.

what is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

To define a list literal square brackets are used to surround the zero or more elements which are parted by commas. The syntax is given below:. Similar to list, a tuple is also a sequence data type that can contain elements of different data types, but these are immutable in nature.

Here, immutable means that for altering the contents of a tuple, you need to create a new tuple so that one can assign a new content. However, the mutable elements that a tuple contain can be altered or modified.

Python includes a limited amount of methods to manipulate the tuple, unlike the strings and lists. The tuple is faster than list as it does not involve a dynamic change in its items. For creating a tuple, the elements must be enclosed around the parentheses. A tuple should have a comma, even if there is only one element, as the comma is an important operator that defines a tuple.

In most of the aspects, the tuples are more efficient than the lists as it consumes less memory, less time and does not change unexpectedly. However, both the data types are used in the python programs where lists are best used for homogeneous data. On the other hand, tuples are mainly used with heterogeneous data. Your email address will not be published. Key Differences Between List and Tuple Lists are mutable while tuples are immutable, which signifies that we can change the content of a list dynamically, but this is not the case in a tuple.

When the iterations are applied to the list objects, the processing time is more. On the contrary, tuple objects iterate in a fast manner. Tuple data type is appropriate for accessing the elements. As against, the list is better for performing operations, such as insertion and deletion. If the user wants to utilize the sequence as a dictionary key, a tuple is a better choice because dictionary keys are immutable. Lists consume more memory as compared to the tuple. In the list, the unexpected changes and errors are more likely to occur, but in the case of a tuple, it is hard to take place.

Lists have several built-in methods while tuple does no have must built-in methods.The main difference between lists and tuples is the fact that lists are mutable whereas tuples are immutable. To understand why, you first have to understand the difference between a variable and a python object. You are probably confusing variables with objects.

This is a very common misconception among beginners.

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When you do this, a python object of type list is created in the memory and the variable a refers to this object by holding its location in memory. In fact, you can actually retrieve the location of the list object in memory by inspecting a using the id function.

Now if you modify the first index of the list, and check the id again, you will get the same exact value because a is still referring to the same object. Mutability is not just a python concept, it is a programming language concept that you will encounter in various programming languages. For example, assume you have some iterable object say xand you want to append each element of x to a list.

Difference between List VS Set VS Tuple in Python

This works alright. You keep modifying the list object in place until all the elements of x exist in the list L. Since tuples are immutable, you are basically copying the contents of the tuple T to a new tuple object at EACH iteration. This article teaches you how to use the timeit module to measure the execution time of multiple lines of python.

Now when someone tells you multiple appending to a string object is inefficient, you will understand exactly why string objects are immutable too in python. Mutability is cool and all but one thing that can be really annoying with mutable objects is debugging. We are actually telling python that the two variables a and b should reference the same list object. Well, you are right for small snippets of code like this, but imagine if you have a big project with many references to the same mutable object.

It will be very challenging to track all the changes to this object because any modification by any of those references will modify the object.

Another benefit of immutability is that it allows the implementation of the language to be more memory efficient. Remember that Strings as well as Integers, Floats, and Bools are all examples of immutable objects as well. As you can see, even though in our python program we explicitly created two different string objects, python internally bundled them into one. Well because the identity of a is exactly the same as the identity of b.

Python was able to do that because the immutability of strings makes it safe to perform this bundling. Not only that this will save us some memory by not storing the string multiple times in memorybut also every time you want to create a new object with the same value, python will just create a reference to the object that already exists in memory which is definitely more efficient.

This concept is called String Interningand this is an excellent article if you want to dive in deeper. CPython until python 3. As you can see, a has a different identity than b. This design decision makes sense because performing interning for tuples requires making sure that all the tuple items are themselves immutable.

I never leave comments on blogs but very nicely written you can tell when someone understands what they are talking about gj! Thank you for such a great article. However, I was wondering what are the advantages of tuples? Like when should we create a tuple instead of list. Thanks Saksham!List and Tuple in Python are the class of data structure. The list is dynamic, whereas tuple has static characteristics. List are just like the arrays, declared in other languages.

Lists need not be homogeneous always which makes it a most powerful tool in Python. In Python, the list is a type of container in Data Structures, which is used to store multiple data at the same time.

Lists are a useful tool for preserving a sequence of data and further iterating over it. Tuple is also a sequence data type that can contain elements of different data types, but these are immutable in nature. In other words, a tuple is a collection of Python objects separated by commas.

The tuple is faster than the list because of static in nature. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

Arrays in Python / Numpy

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Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Tuple data type is appropriate for accessing the elements 4 Lists consume more memory Tuple consume less memory as compared to the list 5 Lists have several built-in methods Tuple does no have must built-in methods. Check out this Author's contributed articles. Load Comments. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website.For UK Customers only.

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what is the difference between a python tuple and python list_

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Python List vs. Tuples

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